At homeXcites, you’ll find articles on home decor tips and unbiased reviews on home stuff blended with real customer experience (where necessary). If you want to decorate or renovate your home or looking for home decor ideas, we are adding articles that’ll help you.

People are looking for ideas and inspirations to decorate their home online. But most of the articles there contains merely some advice from so-called experts, which you’ll find of no use because they may either will be out of your budget or not well explained or you’re afraid to implement them just because you don’t know any alternatives to that. At this point, we are here to help you.

If you are looking for some tips that are really well explained and from an enthusiast who is passionate about a well-decorated home as much as you are, some product recommendations that include opinions from an average consumer just like you, then you are in the right place.

I’m obsessed with trendy modern furniture. And when I’m not with one of my philosophy books, I may be surfing the internet looking for inspirations to decorate my own home. I will be sharing what I find useful to you so that you could just focus on your home decor project. I started this site to share what I have learned from the beginning of this year when I first started to plan to decorate my own home.

I’m a student of philosophy and someone who is continuously trying to learn about the basics of aesthetics. I’m too a graphics designer and trying to learn to code in Python in my free times. I have a passion for both design and coding. However, I am not so good at Illustrator.

Since the beginning of 2018, I have started planning to decorate my home. Since then I have been reading tips and DIY home decor projects online.

From my experience, I find that there are not enough resources available online for people to decide like ‘which sofa to buy’ or ‘which lampshade will fit your study best’.

However, you’ll most often find articles titled as ‘Best sofa that money can buy in 2018’ often, but once you click on that you would certainly find that the author has just appraised some arbitrarily selected products by using some terms that you don’t know the meaning of.

Once I saw this type of article, the first thing that popped into my mind that, how can someone know which sofa will be best for my household in advance even before I decided to buy one, without knowing who I’m or what my likes and dislikes are!

So, just throwing some affiliate links with this kind of articles on my readers face is not the intention of this blog. It’s true that we come up with product recommendations and it’s also true a portion of them was not tested by me directly. So, what I do to benefit my readers is, I clearly mention why I think a certain item could be the best for any of my readers in a way that, ‘if you need A, B and C then this is could be the right choice for you because it got X, Y, Z features to fulfill your need of A, B and C’

As I’m new at blogging, I’m not backed by sponsors. So, sometimes it becomes impossible for me to test all the products that I mention in my articles due to a lack of budget. In that case I clearly mention where and how I experienced that product.

My objective is to assist you by providing inspirations and resources to find what is ideal for your home. I merely share what I think and have learned in any tips and recommendation shared on this site. Take the articles as mere inspirations rather an expert advice. If you find anything improper or want to ask something just let me know in the following email,


[Disclaimer: As you go through the articles posted in this blog, you may find some links redirecting you to some product pages. If you click on those links and buy anything I may get a small commission.]